About us


Davtron's design and manufacturing of avionics instruments began in the late 1960s when digital technology was just beginning. Dave Torresdal, a young pilot in Redwood City, California had an idea for a better way to tune an ADF indicator. He designed, engineered, and flight tested a digital indicator in his 1958 Commanche, and soon other local pilots were clamoring to buy one. Dave's second product was the 811B digital clock which has sold over 40,000 units worldwide and is still in production today.

As private pilots began utilizing these products, industry magazines published positive reviews and the company was well on its way to becoming a leader in digital avionics. Davtron's products have earned a reputation for their functional ease of use and for the type of LED displays which make our instruments' readability effective for both day and night flight. Davtron has built its reputation on quality products and excellent customer service. The company's variety of digital clocks, temperature gauges, voltmeters, and multi-function instruments provide business jets and smaller aircraft  with the right instruments to suit all pilot needs.

In the early 1980's Davtron was approached by the Flight Crew of Air Force One and the Boeing Company to design and build a multi-function clock for the new Air Force One Presidential 747 fleet. This design displays three different time zones (Washington time, Local time, and Destination time) and all three are displayed in every cabin of the aircraft. This allows the President of the United States and his passengers to view the time in Washington DC, the local time zone they are flying through, as well as the time in their ultimate destination.

Davtron, Inc. has business relationships with many aircraft manufacturers worldwide including: Gulfstream Aerospace; Boeing; Cessna Aircraft; Bombardier Learjet; DeHavilland; Canadair; Beechcraft; Robinson Helicopter; Bell Helicopter; Sikorsky Aircraft; Dassault Falcon Jet; Pilatus; Israeli Aircraft Industries and Piaggio.

Whether you are a corporate pilot of a business jet transporting company executives worldwide, or a private pilot flying your own small aircraft for enjoyment, Davtron instruments help make your flight the best it can be.